Positively You-brand identity programme


Do you want to maximise your unique strengths to drive your passion for making a difference?

Do you want to have the confidence to show up as your true self, fully appreciating your unique value and understanding how you can reach the right people in ways that feel aligned for you?

The doors to this transformational programme are now OPEN! Just six places are available at a one off price of £375 (reduced from £675)  

What we'll cover:

Join our group of impactful business owners for weekly virtual group session over four weeks. In our two hour sessions we will:

  • Dig deep into everything that makes you YOU, embracing your character strengths and drawing on everything that has led you to where you are today
  • Explore why you are perfectly suited to meet your clients’ needs
  • Allow you to finally take control of your visibility and make decisions about how you will communicate your core messages in ways that feel right and that make complete sense to you
  • Create a brand essence blueprint which encompasses everything you represent and offer to your customers
  • Put together a visibility action plan for your way forward 
positively you brand identity programme workbook

What you'll get:

Being in a small group will allow us to be open and get to know and support each other in a safe space as we explore your unique identity and develop your strategy for moving forward. As well as our weekly group sessions, you will have access to:

  • A dedicated WhatsApp group to encourage continued discussions and support between sessions
  • PDF workbooks to capture your ideas and breakthroughs!
  • 1 hour 1:1 Brand Booster session

I’m happy to help you decide if this programme is for you. Book a free 15 minute chat with me

More importantly, how will this help you?

By joining this this programme and taking action you will:

  • Get crystal clear on your own unique value and brand identity
  • Become comfortable with being visible in a way that feels right for you
  • Get confident about letting people get to know exactly who you are and what you are all about
  • Learn how to craft your message in a powerful way that connects immediately with more of the RIGHT people
  • Have more success and bring in more profit, so that you can have a greater impact

Why me?

Here’s the truth – for years I wasn’t a very successful photography business owner, nor was I feeling fulfilled! But it’s the bit after that that makes me the right person to run this programme.

In 2019 I found Personal Branding Photography and fell in love!

By helping my clients to get clear about the way they wanted to be perceived, I could not only get great images for them to use in their marketing, I could actually influence their confidence and empower them to achieve more in their business – WOW!  

I quickly realised three things

    1. This clarity and confidence was exactly what I was missing in my own business, and it was time to get visible – as MYSELF because that is enough.
    2. I wanted to know everything I could about branding so that I could help my clients in the most effective way, and I have been studying it, in various ways, ever since.
    3. If I worked with businesses and social enterprises whose mission was to make the world a better place, then I could be part of some amazing impact stories! This way I can achieve far more than I ever could just on my own.

So now I am doing everything I can to take you on the journey that I have been on, and empower you to achieve everything you want to, to make our world better!

If you'd like to find out if this is the right programme for you, I'm happy to have a chat...

What's the Investment?

As this is just the second time I am running this programme, I am offering a huge reduction of almost 50% in return for your feedback.

You will get all of the above for just £375 (discounted from £675).

Just 6 spaces available. 

You know how you can help, but you don’t know how to reach the people who need to hear what you have to say.

Let me show you how.


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